If there ain't da Good Man when he was a baby. Title: The Holy Family (The Madonna del Velo; Madonna di Loreto) Creator: Copy after Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio) Date: mid-16th century Physical Dimensions: 120.7 x 91.1 cm (47 1/2 x 35 7/8 in.) [citation needed]The "house" The "house" itself consists of three stone walls. This work is one of the most copied works of Raphael with over one hundred known copies. The J. Paul Getty Museum: Greek and Roman Antiquities, Western European Paintings, French Decorative Arts of the Eighteenth Century (Malibu: J. Paul Getty Museum, 1975), pp. Raphael: The Wrightsman Lectures (New York: Phaidon, 1970), p. 288, no. Zijn echte naam naam was Raffaello Sanzio. Tavole d'interesse e di sino semplice, dopo ed a scalare... (Palermo: n.p.,1819). [9], The painting was determined to be the original Raphael Madonna painting for several reasons. Julius II commissioned of Raphael[12] the Madonna of the Veil and his likeness, the Portrait of Pope Julius II which resided at Santa Maria del Popolo,[7][13][14] at the entrance gate to Rome. Antonio Lucchesi Palli, prince of Campofranco, 1781 - 1856 (Palermo, Italy), by inheritance to his son, Ettore Carlo Lucchesi Palli, 1848. Madonna of Loreto (Madonna del Velo) 1509-10 Oil on wood, 120 x 90 cm Musée Condé, Chantilly: The painting was given to the church Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome by Pope Julius II. 2. 60. The Connoisseur 161, no. [9], In 1591, Raphael's Portrait of Julius II and what was later called Madonna of Loreto were removed from the church by Paolo Camillo Sfondrati, later Cardinal Sfondrati, and nephew of Pope Gregory XIV. National Gallery Catalogues: The Sixteenth-Century Italian Schools (London: National Gallery, 1975; repr., 1987), p. 215, no. This intimate and touching view of the Holy Family exemplifies the Renaissance fascination with Jesus's humanity. Hall, eds. De Vecchi, Pierluigi, and Michele Prisco. Raffaello: La Pittura (Florence: Giunti Martello, 1981), p. 247, no. Pope Julius II may have commissioned the painting in 1509, hanging it on a pillar, along with his portrait, during festivals in a Roman church. 4th ed. Thirty-five known versions of this painting exist, making it one of Raphael's most popular Madonnas. [4], The use of veil in Renaissance paintings, from the Meditations on the Life of Christ, symbolizes the manner in which the Madonna wrapped the Child in the veil from her head at the Nativity and, prophetically, again at the Crucifixion. After Raffaello Sanzio . $('#moreMatGrpElement_13504706179416').tooltip({html:true}); 25% sleva platí do 19.11.2020 p> Buy Now! "Raphael and the Getty Madonna." All artworks with topics Religious, Virgin Mary, Artworks of style 'Renaissance' with colors (, Artworks related to (Religious, Virgin Mary) with colors (, Artworks of style 'Renaissance' and topic Religious, Virgin Mary, All 507 paintings from Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio Da Urbino). The Madonna of Loreto - Sanzio Raffaello JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The Madonna of Loreto - Sanzio Raffaello JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The provenance of this painting is constructed based on documents, analysis of the painting and preliminary sketches. [20][21], The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple, Portrait of Andrea Navagero and Agostino Beazzano, Portrait of Pope Leo X with Two Cardinals, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Madonna_of_Loreto&oldid=980282475, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, During the time at Santa Maria del Popolo, it was known as the, This page was last edited on 25 September 2020, at 16:39. This image is available for download, without charge, under the Getty's Open Content Program. 3rd ed. The artwork Holy Family (Madonna di Loreto) - Raffael (eigntl. Die Heilige Familie (Münster: Ardey Verlag, 1993), ill. Jaffé, David. Miglione, Vincenzo. This information is published from the Museum's collection database. [17], The painting now residing in Chantilly, France, thought lost since the time of the French Revolution (1789–1799),[11] is believed to be the original. 98-101. For centuries the painting was co-located with the Portrait of Pope Julius II, first at the Santa Maria del Popolo, then in private collections, and for a time their location was unknown. 27-28. Raffaello (Bologna: Capitol, 1982), unpaginated, no. The Print Collector's Newsletter 21 (November-December 1990), p. 173. Raffaello, madonna del velo (madonna di loreto) 03.JPG 2,592 × 1,944; 832 KB Raphael Madonna of Loreto.jpg 1,600 × 2,197; 608 KB Raphaël - La Madone de Lorette - Google Art Project.jpg 3,048 × 4,152; 3.54 MB Rafaello Santi) dodávame jako tisk na plátno anebo papír, plakát, plexisko a hliníkovou desku. De begrafenis van de heilige Lucia (1608), https://nl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Madonna_di_Loreto&oldid=57342949, Wikipedia:Lokale afbeelding anders dan op Wikidata, Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen. we ought to be better than we be: we sartin ought. Collector's Choice: The Chronicle of an Artistic Odyssey through Europe (London: W. H. Allen, 1955), p. 69. These changes align with Raphael's preliminary drawings for the painting. The Connoisseur 214 (December 1984), pp. Béguin, Sylvie et al., eds (Paris: Éditions de la Réunion des musées nationaux, 1979), pp. In the shadows behind the Virgin, Joseph watches the happy scene. Masterpieces of Painting in the J. Paul Getty Museum (Malibu: J. Paul Getty Museum, 1980), unpaginated, no. Fredericksen, Burton B., ed. 62, 64, ill. Fredericksen, Burton B., Jiří Frel, and Gillian Wilson. Catalogue of the Celebrated Pictures and Drawings Comprising the Collections of the Royal House of France, Removed from Schloss Frohsdorf, Lower Austria, and sold by order of H.R.H. It is housed in the Musée Condé of Chantilly, France.. For centuries the painting kept company with Raphael's Portrait of Pope Julius II, first at the Santa Maria del Popolo, then in private collections, and for a time their location was unknown. 45¼ x 37½ in. Find out more about this object on the Museum website. [6], Saint Joseph's melancholy nature in this picture may signal his proclivity for prophecy and the coming events for the Child. cat. First, the quality of the painting is extremely high, depicting an "admirable equilibrium of motives and a subtle mixture of force and grace" of "the best works of Raphael". Although the paintings were paired for a time through change of ownership, Julius II is now located in the National Gallery. 72-73. 15% off on all your cart items, sitewide! 103-6. J. Paul Getty, American, 1892 - 1976 (Malibu, California; Sutton Place, Surrey, England), donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1971. Princess Beatrix de Bourbon-Massimo. To avoid potential data charges from your carrier, we recommend making sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network before downloading. This particular piece was given by Pope Julius II to the Santa Maria del Popolo. [9], Michaeli Grecchi Lucchese, a 16th-century engraver, produced a print of the Madonna di Loreto in 1553. La Révue du Louvre et des Musées de France 92 (1979), p. 329. Gould, Cecil. External Link: Find out more about this object on the Museum website. $526.15. The Madonna of Loreto is a painting finished around 1511 by the Italian High Renaissance painter Raphael. 54wx34h Angeli Madonna . Ettore Carlo Lucchesi Palli, prince of Campofranco, 1806 - 1864 (Venice, Italy), by inheritance to his wife, Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, 1864. oil on panel . Estimate . Vaccaro, Emmanuele. 48. "Raphael and Raphaelesque Paintings in California: Technical Considerations and the Use of Underdrawing in His Pre-Roman Phase." Brown, David Alan. Raphael: A Critical Catalogue of his Pictures, Wall-Paintings, and Tapestries (London: Phaidon, 1971), pp. Apollo (February 1964), pp. 744. Oh Lord, Oh Lord! Help us improve our records by sharing your corrections or suggestions. Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, duchesse de Berry, 1798 - 1870 (Venice, Italy; Paris, France) [sold, Berry sale, Pillet, Paris, April 19, 1865, lot 129, to "Podenas."]. (Malibu: J. Paul Getty Museum, 1978), pp. 14:19. 22. April 19, 1865, p. 29, lot 129. The Madonna of Loreto is a painting finished around 1511 by the Italian High Renaissance painter Raphael. Scharf, Alfred. Boorsch, Suzanne, et al. [18], At the Salon of 1814, Joseph Théodore Ricomme (born 1785), a noted engraver of great paintings such as Raphael's Madonnas, received a medal for an unprecedented showing of prints, notably for the supreme quality modern engraving of Raphael's Madonna of Loreto and Adam and Eve.[19]. 71.PB.16. Fredericksen, Burton B. Trophy of Conquest: The Musée Napoléon and the Creation of the Louvre (London: Faber and Faber, 1965), p. 47. Slide show Now is it certain that the painting at Loreto was a copy – and therefore the painting name is a misnomer. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Guidebook: The J. Paul Getty Museum. It was thought to be Gianfrancesco Penni's work until 1979 and received its name from a copy at the Basilica della Santa Casa in Loreto, which was at one time thought to be the original. "The Millionaire and the Madonna." $('#moreMatGrpElement_13517635367217').tooltip({html:true}); 25% sleva platí do 19.11.2020 p> Old Master Painting . For instance, this painting received its name from a copy at the Basilica della Santa Casa in Loreto which was at one time thought to be the original. Sotheby's, London. The Madonna of Loreto, also known as Madonna del Velo or Madonna of the Veil, is a painting finished around 1509-1510 by the Italian High Renaissance painter Raphael. The Holy Family (The Madonna del Velo; Madonna di Loreto), Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio) (Italian, 1483 - 1520) 120.7 × 91.1 cm (47 1/2 × 35 7/8 in.) Sami si vybíráte formát. (New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, 1985), p. 172, fig. The J. Paul Getty Museum Handbook of the Collections. Allan, Scott, Davide Gasparotto, Peter Björn Kerber, and Anne T. Woollett. umělecké dílo Holy Family (Madonna di Loreto) - Raffael (eigntl. It is housed in the Musée Condé of Chantilly, France. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. [1] It is housed in the Musée Condé of Chantilly, France.[2][3]. Pillet, Paris. The history of the painting is difficult to track for many reasons, one of them being the various names for the painting, which tell the history, or the perceived history, of the original Raphael painting. In The Princeton Raphael Symposium: Science in the Service of Art History. She holds a transparent veil in her hands towards which the child playfully extends his hands. Summary Catalogue of European Paintings in the J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 1997), p. 102, ill. Walsh, John, and Deborah Gribbon. Follow lot. The main attraction of Loreto is the Holy House itself (in Italian, the Santa Casa di Loreto).It has been a Catholic pilgrimage destination since at least the 14th century and a popular tourist destination for non-Catholics as well. It depicts the apparition of the barefoot Virgin and naked child to two peasants on a pilgrimage; or as some say it is the quickening of the iconic statue of the Virgin. The exhibit was held at the request of the Institut de France, administrator of Musée Condé, and organized by the Louvre museum. How harmless he lies there! The painting, containing significant overpaints, was attributed to Penni until 1979 when it was undoubtedly identified as the work of Raphael. [9], The paintings, purchased in 1608 [9] were still recorded as part of the Borghese collection in 1693. 73. Fredericksen, Burton B. 96. Raphael's Portrait of Pope Julius II: The Reemergence of the Original (London: Publications Department National Gallery London, 1970), p. 12, no. Henri de Bourbon V, duke of Bordeaux and count of Chambord, 1820 - 1883 (Schloss Frohsdorf, Austria), by inheritance within the Bourbon family, possibly to Jaime III de Borbón y Borbón. Abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe's Palmetto Leaves (1873), a memoir and travel guide of Florida in the days following the end of the American Civil War, recounts comments from a woman named Minnah upon seeing the lithograph of Madonna of the Veil by Raphael: O good Lord! Sanzio is een variant van Santi, de naam van zijn vader (allebei afgeleid van het Latijnse sancti, "heilig").Als hij zijn werk signeerde, deed hij dit vaak met raphael urbinas, de pseudo-Latijnse vorm van zijn bijnaam Raffaello da Urbino (Rafaël van Urbino). 649 (March 1966), p. 148, ill. Gould, Cecil. Burlington Magazine 126, no. 69, 86-87, ill. Gould, Cecil. [2], As a means of indicating Julius' appreciation of the Madonna, which resulted in the pairing of paintings, Julius commissioned another Madonna painting, the Sistine Madonna, in the last year of his life where his adoration is shown by the Pope kneeling at the feet of the Virgin. Estimate. Even so, the well-copied painting has been a beloved and critically acclaimed painting for centuries. Rubin, Patricia. 971 (February 1984), pp. For just a little more than a print you can have a hand made reproduction of a painting of Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio Da Urbino). And here we be, we wicked sinners, turning our backs on him, and going to the Old Boy. Thirty-five known versions of this painting exist, making it one of Raphael's most popular Madonnas. cat. Open Content images tend to be large in file-size. The content on this page is available according to the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) specifications. "Raphael in America." Explore museums and play with Art Transfer, Pocket Galleries, Art Selfie, and more. Madonna of Loreto (Madonna del Velo) by RAFFAELLO Sanzio quantity Add to cart SKU: b0d90108d417 Categories: 1501-1550 , Italian , religious , School , Timeline , Type In La Madone de Lorette. It is housed in the Musée Condé of Chantilly, France. Getty, J. Paul, and Ethel Le Vane. 70-71, 105n249. La galleria de' quadri del Palazzo di Palermo di sua Eccelenza D. Antonio Lucchese-Palli, Principe di Campofranco (Palermo: n.p., 1830), pp. Fels, Thomas Weston. Masterpieces of Painting: J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2018), pp. 79-80, ill. Béguin, Sylvie. "Student & Teacher: An Interview with John Walsh & Julius Held." The infant Christ Child reclines on pillows while the Virgin Mary lovingly gazes down at him. "Raphael and the State Portrait - I: The Portait of Julius II." ... Loreto Arte 7,004 views. (Malibu: J. Paul Getty Museum, 1986), p. 7, fig. Further, the change in the position of the Child's right foot was revealed via x-ray. [7][9], A copy[9] was bequeathed by Girolamo Lottorio of Rome to the sanctuary of Loreto. Zeri, Federico. 27. After Raffaello Sanzio, called Raphael The Madonna di Loreto oil on panel 81 x 66.8 cm., measured in the frame In a 19th century, Italian carved giltwood frame.
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