Lyrics and TranslationLa canzone del sole Lucio Battisti. Your red socks. The blonde braids, the blue eyes and then . Le tue calzette rosse. The Song of the Sun (Italian: La canzone del sole) is a 1933 Italian-German comedy film directed by Max Neufeld and starring Vittorio De Sica. 4 Translations available Back to original. And the dark cellar where we breathed softly. two oranges redder still. And the innocence on your cheeks –. And your running, the echo of your “no’s” – oh, no. Original Lyrics. Le bionde trecce, gli occhi azzurri e poi. Translation in English. Versions: #1 #2. you’re scaring me. Blonde braids, blue eyes, and then. Written by:Lucio Battisti; Mogol; Last update on: October 3, 2019. spanish (38 %) french (5 %) Choose translation. La Canzone del Sole. your red socks. Intro: A E D E x2 / Verse: A E D E Le bionde trecce gli occhi azzurri e poi A E D E le tue calzette rosse A E D E e l’innocenza sulle gote tue A E D E due arance ancor più rosse A E D E e
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